Front Runner

Front Runner Wolf Pack Storage Box

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These plastic compactly sized storage boxes are easy to arrange in a cargo bed and vertical-sided to avoid wasted space. They stack securely for convenient storage in your vehicle thanks to the lids fitting neatly into the base of the box above it.
  • Made from black, high-strength plastic.
  • Sold with low profile lids for space conservation.
  • Integrated grips for easy carrying.
  • Versatile. Use in the cargo bed, trunk, or on your roof rack.
  • Suitable for exterior storage. For even greater protection, store on your vehicle inside a Front Runner Transit Bag.
  • Use in conjunction with Front Runner Stratchits as well as Front Runner Tie Down Rings for safe and secure roof rack storage solution.
  • Can be used with the adjustable Front Runner FlatPack Storage Box as a padded liner to protect camera gear, kitchenware and other fragile items.
  • Front Runner Storage Systems are configured around the Wolf Pack & Cub Pack sizes, creating comprehensive and practical storage solutions.
External Dimensions: 20" W X 15.7" L X 9" H
Internal Dimensions: 17.5" W X 13.2" L X 8.1" H