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Remote Fridge Monitor - By ARB

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ARB has designed the perfect solution to ensure your food and drinks stay cold with the all new ARB Remote Fridge/Freezer Monitor which allows you to monitor the operating status of your ARB Fridge/Freezer from the comfort of your driving seat.

Utilizing wireless transmitting technology, the ARB remote fridge monitor displays operating conditions such as internal fridge temperature, supply voltage and compressor status of your ARB Fridge/Freezer on a conveniently located backlit display for the driver to monitor while in transit.

What sets the ARB fridge monitor apart from others are innovative features such as an integrated wiring circuit within the fridge combined with wireless transmitting technology which provides 100ft (30m) line of site or 50ft(15m) interrupted transmission range. The strength of signal is very important for four wheel drive enthusiasts as the fridge may be located in an enclosed area of your caravan, recreational vehicle, service body or camper yet the remote display can still receive an interrupted signal within a distance of 50ft.

Becuase many people carry 2 separate ARB Fridge/Freezers, the ARB fridge monitor can display up to 2 fridges with the addition of second transmitter (sold separately). Another innovative feature is the ability to change the transmission frequency so that you do not inadvertently monitor another fridge in your group. Once you’re setup at camp, simply remove your ARB Remote Fridge/Freezer Display from its quick release holder, plug in the power supply via your portable power pack, and sit back and monitor your fridge from the comfort of your camp chair, tent or trailer.


  • Remotely monitor ARB Fridge/Freezer operating conditions

  • Multiple receiving channels for minimized transmission disruptions

  • Large easy viewing backlit display

  • Ability to monitor 2 ARB Fridge/Freezers

  • 30m (100ft) line of sight or 15m(50ft) interrupted transmission

  • Quick release bracket for easy removal of LCD display

  • Temperature displayed in either C or F

  • Power supply 12V


The transmitter has been designed to attach neatly at the back of the fridge. The antenna mounts to the side of the transmitter keeping it within the confine of the fridge. The temperature transmitted to the display is the same internal fridge temperature as shown on the fridge display. The device has been tested to the relevant international standard for compliance with the following regulations and directives:

  • C–tick

  • RTTE / CE

  • FCC

  • IC


Primary readout on the display is the fridge temperature and DC voltage at the fridge (the letters AC will appear when the fridge is plugged into an AC power supply). The display also shows which fridge is being monitored and the frequency channel. The same LED indicator lights used on the fridge control panel are also used in the remote display to indicate the status of the fridge compressor and or troubleshooting a potential problem via the “check” LED. The large LCD screen has been designed so it does not distract the driver particularly during night time driving, yet a single push of the mode button turns on the backlight (automatically goes off after 10 seconds) to enable you to view the display in low light or glare conditions. Power to the display is via the supplied 12V plug and 1.2m (3’11”) lead.

Selecting the appropriate “pairing” setting is via the menu button on the display and on the fridge touch pad.


ARB's engineers designed this unique bracket to house the monitor and enable quick release for when you wish to secure it away from prying eyes. The bracket features 3M tape to enable it to bond to the preferred location such as windscreen, dash or console. An isopropyl alcohol wipe is enclosed for surface preparation. The adjustable bracket (using common tools) allows the display screen to be set at a suitable angle and features a nyloc nut to prevent it coming loose when driving corrugated roads.


Like the ARB fridge, the monitor is designed to be fitted inside the vehicle where it is not exposed to inclement weather. This product is covered by a 12 month warranty and should be installed as per the installation instructions.

• 1 x Remote Display
• 1 x Mounting Bracket
• 1 x Aerial
• 1 x DC Power Lead 1.2m fused
• 1 x Sender Unit
• 2 x Screws
• 1 x Alcohol Swab

The ARB Remote Fridge Monitor can only be used on compatible ARB Fridge/Freezers manufactured since mid-2014. There are several ways to identify if you have a compatible ARB fridge:
• Look for a ‘T’ shaped receptacle at the back of the fridge near the DC socket as this area is used to mount the wireless transmitter
• Within the fridge options menu, the fridge displays the option CH1 when you scroll through the menu
• Check the serial number located on the rear of the fridge. Fridges manufactured after the serial break point listed below can be identified as compatible fridges.

Fridge Model:





Serial Break Point:





Fridge Model: 10800352 10800472 10800602 10800782
Serial Break Point: 11002950 11016054 11007840 11003255