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Front Runner

5 Gallon Jerry Can W/ Spout & Adapter - By Front Runner

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Finally, a solid, quality built carb complaint Jerry Can that's off- road tough and looks great too. Includes a carb complaint spout. Features a full internal breather pipe for splash-proof pouring. Interior coated with Rezol lining to prevent rusting. 

  • Fully paint- coated inside and outside.
  • Have a full, internal breather pipe for splash-proof pouring.
  • The highest quality Jerry can out there. 
  • Original Mil Spec. 
  • DOT, EPA, and CARB approved.
  • Comes with a safety spout attached. 
  • Manufactured from 0.9mm Cold Rolled Steel (DC 04 EN 10130)
  • Dual pan construction.
  • Unique wide channel breather for better smoother pouring. 
  • Seam welded for extra strength. 
  • Three Handle Configuration. 
  • Leak-proof Bayonet Closure. 
  • Locking pin in cap. 
  • Strengthened hinge on cap to prevent accidental bending when closing. 
  • Cap designed to hold open when discharging the can. 
  • Lined inside with fuel resistant Rezol enamel to prevent rusting. 
  • Painted exterior epoxypolyester powder coat. 
  • Manufactured and tested to comply with the following standards: DOT, EPA, C.A.R.B., DIN 7274 and BAM- GGR001. Australian Standard- AS 2906. German Standard- TUV/GS. Swedish Standard- SP. UN- Dangerous goods approval.

Consist of: 

1 x Jerry Can 

1 x Carb Compliant Spout

Material Used: 

0.9mm Cold Rolled Steel 

Product Dimensions:

165.1mm (6.5") L x 342.9 (13.5") W x 469.9mm (18.5) H 


5.44kg (12 lbs)