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How An Auburn Gear ECTED Locker Works

How an Auburn Gear ECTED Locker Works

The ECTED is a selectable traction device; an on/off switch is mounted near the driver. When “off” – the clutch pack (7), which is located behind the side gear (6) provides the limited slip mode. As torque increases, the separating forces within the differential gears increase, causing the clutch pack to be compressed and thereby providing bias torque to the high traction wheel – your performance limited slip differential action. When selected “on”, current is sent to the electromagnetic coil (8). The coil is retained by a clip that fits over one of the bearing cap bolts, making it non-rotational. The coil rides on a ball bearing (9). The ball bearings spin with the differential case (10).
ECTED Locker
The coil creates a magnetic flux so that the pilot cone (1) is pulled into engagement with thedifferential case (10). This frictional engagement causes the bearing balls (2) to ride up on a ramp machined into the side gear (3). This radial travel of the balls (2) also causes lateral movement of the side gear (3). The lateral movement of the side gear (3) applies a force onto the center block (4). The center block (4) has an elongated hole that the center pin (5) fits through, allowing it to float. The center block (4) applies force to the opposite side gear (6), compressing the clutch pack (7) giving the user a solid axle assembly – the spool/locker performance you desire at the strip or off-road.

ECTED™ Advantages
  • ECTED gearing is made from aircraft quality, 9310 heat-treated billet steel to make it as tough as nails!
  • ECTED can be switched on or off “on the fly,” at any road speed.
  • ECTED does not have any shift forks or pins that must be lined up to obtain locker mode.
  • ECTED is quiet – say good-bye to noisy lockers!
  • ECTED is backed by an industry-leading one-year warranty, just like all Auburn Gear Performance Differentials.
  • ECTED can be used in front axle applications – with or without lockout hubs.
  • ECTED is the only selectable locker that offers both limited slip and locker modes. Forget the rest - go with the best!
        Important Note: 
The ECTED is not recommended for use in front axles that feature an "Inter-Axle Disconnect".

  • In the product configurations offered, ECTED is the only selectable locker that offers both limited slip and locker modes.