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No One Else Builds Gear Like This

PCOR® 4x4 Systems are Australian built, guaranteed tough and designed for a select range of PCOR® Certified Vehicles selected by the overlanding experts from around the world.

Engineered to stand up to the toughest off-road conditions, we’ve pushed these designs to the limit and packed in clever features you won’t find anywhere else.

PCOR Tray Bed Systems

Built on an outstanding pedigree of the toughest off-road vehicles in the world, PCOR® Tray Beds are the ultimate in functionality and aesthetics.

Constructed from light-weight powder coated aluminium, these tray beds allow for greater carrying capacities and are lighter than most standard and aftermarket alternatives. Materials are sourced in Australia and constructed to Australian manufacturing standards.

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PCOR 1/2 Canopy

PCOR 1/2 Canopies

 PCOR® Half Canopies are lightweight and robust, and have been designed to compliment any flat bed tray. Add one or two to your PCOR® Tray Bed and get the best of both worlds - tray bed space and the additional storage and power management of a canopy. With plenty of electrical options available as upgrades, it’s easier than ever to have an all in one storage powerhouse right there on your tray

PCOR 3/4 Canopies

PCOR® 3/4 Canopies are a complete canopy solution for serious touring vehicles looking for a weapon of choice to fulfill the ultimate off road lifestyle. Get off the grid and tour confidently in a full PCOR® canopy that mimics the setup of overlanding professionals around the world.

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PCOR Tray Certified Vehicles

PCOR's Engineers have meticulously crafted trays made to perfectly fit these vehicles

Toyota Tundra

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Ford Ranger

Ram 1500

PCOR Certified Vehicle - Ram 2500

Jeep Gladiator

Ram 2500


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