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PCOR Half Canopy

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PCOR® Half Canopies are lightweight and robust, and have been designed to compliment any flat bed tray. Add one or two to your PCOR® Tray Bed and get the best of both worlds - tray bed space and the additional storage and power management of a canopy. With plenty of electrical options available as upgrades, it’s easier than ever to have an all in one storage powerhouse right there on your tray.

Starting At $4,290*

*Excludes Fitment


PCOR® Canopies are constructed fromlight-weight aluminium sourced in Australia and constructed to Australian manufacturing standards. The hard-wearing black powder coat finish compliments the PCOR® Tray Bed system, and together they lower your GVM (gross vehicle mass) to allow for greater carrying capacities. Hard-wearing black powder coat finish Positively pressurised compartments with air filter Automotive dust seals

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PCOR 1/2 Canopy


A suite of LED lighting and additional electronics are available as options on all PCOR® Canopies. Lighting and electronics add a layer of functionality to your touring set up to give you confidence while touring in remote locations.


  • Redarc 1000 watt inverter
  • 135AH Gel Battery or 100AH lithium battery
  • PCOR Power Module
  • USB and Accessory Sockets

PCOR Half Canopies Include:

70L/18 Gal Water and Fuel Storage

Hard-wearing Black Powder Coat 

Air Craft Tie Downs - PCOR Trays - Exploration Outfitters

Light-weight Aluminum Housing

Integraded Headboard - PCOR Tray - Exploration Outfitters

Positively Pressurized Compartments w/ Air Filters

Powdercoat Black Finish - PCOR Tray - Exploration Outfitters

Gas Assisted Doors

Rear Winch - PCOR Tray - Exploration Outfitters

REDARC BMS1230 (option available)

Central Locking All Doors - PCOR Tray - Exploration Outfitters

Automated Dust Seals

Exterior LED Lights - PCOR Tray - Exploration Outfitters

REDARC 1000W Inverter

HD Drop Sides - PCOR Tray - Exploration Outfitters

100AH Lithium Battery (option Available)

Headboard Worklights - PCOR Tray - Exploration Outfitters

LED Lighting Suite (option available)

Rear Roller Drawer - PCOR Tray - Exploration Outfitters

Power Module (option available)

LED Tail Lights - PCOR Tray - Exploration Outfitters

Spare Tire Holders (option available)

Compression Latched Door Handles

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