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PCOR Tray Bed Systems

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PCOR Tray Bed Systems

PCOR® Tray Beds are forged from light-weight aluminium, which keeps your vehicle balanced and allows for greater carrying capacities.

Features include modular fold down, removable sides and central locking tool-boxes to make sure all your gear is secure 100% of the time.

Starting At $9,900*

*Excludes Fitment

For a Lighter Payload

Built on an outstanding pedigree of the toughest off-road vehicles in the world, PCOR® Tray Beds are the ultimate in functionality and aesthetics.

Constructed from light-weight powder coated aluminium, these tray beds allow for greater carrying capacities and are lighter than most standard and aftermarket alternatives. Materials are sourced in Australia and constructed to Australian manufacturing standards.

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PCOR 1/2 Canopy

Secure Your Gear

Central locking storage areas built in to PCOR® Tray Beds provide ample space to store your gear securely. Ideal for tools, compressors, 4x4 recovery gear and more

PCOR Tray Bed Systems Include:

70L/18 Gal Water and Fuel Storage

70L/18 Gal. Water and Fuel Storage

Air Craft Tie Downs - PCOR Trays - Exploration Outfitters

Air Craft Tie Downs

Integraded Headboard - PCOR Tray - Exploration Outfitters

Integrated Headboard

Powdercoat Black Finish - PCOR Tray - Exploration Outfitters

Powdercoated Black Finish

Rear Winch - PCOR Tray - Exploration Outfitters

Rear Winch

Central Locking All Doors - PCOR Tray - Exploration Outfitters

Central Locking All Doors

Exterior LED Lights - PCOR Tray - Exploration Outfitters

Exterior LED Lights

HD Drop Sides - PCOR Tray - Exploration Outfitters

HD Drop Sides

Headboard Worklights - PCOR Tray - Exploration Outfitters

Headboard Worklights

Rear Roller Drawer - PCOR Tray - Exploration Outfitters

Rear Roller Drawer

LED Tail Lights - PCOR Tray - Exploration Outfitters

LED Tail Lights

Plug and Play Installation

PCOR Tray Certified Vehicles

PCOR's Engineers have meticulously crafted trays made to perfectly fit these vehicles

Toyota Tundra

Ford Ranger

Ram 1500

PCOR Certified Vehicle - Ram 2500

Jeep Gladiator

Ram 2500


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