This one's for the true outdoor adventurers, those who still want to go anywhere and everywhere, but want to do it with a touch of extra luxury. Scrutinized by Camper Trailer Australia, the X3 has been dubed Australia's Best Camper Trailer in its category for 2020

It's true Australian innovation and quality now available in the United States from Exploration Outfitters

Stand Out Features:

  • Engineered with the same hardcore, offroad 4×4 components that make our camper trailers UNSTOPPABLE
  • Boasts the fastest set up and pack down in our entire range
  • All-weather cabin protects against the elements, featuring diesel tent heating and hot water as standard
  • Featuring new advancements in materials and standout engineering

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Camping, for us, is all about the outdoors, but it definitely doesn’t hurt to have somewhere comfortable to retreat to. The X3 enjoys the best set up and pack down experience of our entire range, and benefits from new design technology and materials.

The interior living space is incredibly functional, and can transform into:

  • An Office Space - Utilizing the fold out table and 12 volt power outlets
  • A Living-room – due to the L Shaped lounge with easy-clean low maintenance upholstery and iPad Holder (Optional)
  • A Dining Room – using the fold out table, you can pass meals through the kitchen window and access the fridge from within
  • A Kids Bedroom – securely send the little ones to bed with one bunk bed, or option on an additional bunk, creating two sleeping spaces for young Patriots. Simply flip up and lock in the bunks, tuck the kids in, and lock up the bedroom by securing the rear staircase from the outside. If the little ones are sleeping before you, you can also enter from the external ladder so you don't disturb them.

The entire interior of the X3 is fitted with dimmable zone lighting, which has been split into four zones, giving you complete control over the space with a touch of a button. Space-saving pop up power is also included in the cabin near the main bed, which pops up with a push, revealing two power points and two USBs to power 12 and 240 volt appliances.

When the temperature drops, turn on the diesel heating system and feel the warmth seep into the cabin. When included, the angled full walls kit provides even more protection from the elements, transforming the awning space outside into an enclosed external living area.

All entrances to the Cabin are protected by high quality fly screens that can be fully set up from the inside or outside, with the rear door up or down. 


The X3 has been thoroughly thought-out to provide the best storage solutions, utilizing every square inch of the camper trailer as efficiently as possible. Both the backrest and the bench seat in the lounge area can be opened to reveal extensive stow away areas, one of which can be loaded from the outside when the camper trailer is packed away, via a large rear access drawer.


Waking up in the X3 is an experience in itself, as the natural lighting, ergonomic ventilation and cabin design gently wake you to favorable conditions. Uncomfortable camping mats and blow up mattresses are a thing of the past with the oversized double mattress, which is the same tried and true 3.93 in. thick, pocket sprung, gel top, antibacterial mattress that featured in our other models.

And now sunrise mornings can be accompanied with coffee in bed, as the pop up cafe rises from the belly of the X3 to satisfy your caffeine cravings. The pop up cafe is an optional feature in the X3, and when not included, will be replaced with a storage area for clothes, groceries, or anything else.

Opening and closing the lid when traveling to new destinations has no impact on your bedroom set up, thanks to a bedding retainer that we’ve engineered to hold all of your pillows and bedding in place. This way there’s no need to remake the bed every time – just clip it into place and get going.


The great outdoors is where the action is, and when you step outside the X3 you’ll be shielded by a generous awning. The awning of the X3 is an all-new, world first, ripstop awning by PCOR.

This revolutionary awning uses exclusively patented Hexocore material which has been tested to International fire and sun safety standards, and has proved itself superior to previously used materials in every way. Hexocore material has a UPF rating of 50+ and is cooler, and more breathable than typical awning material*. This new space-age material is also stronger, with ripstop qualities increasing its strength by 20%*.

The patented awning lift mechanism creates an effortless set up, and in a matter of minutes you will find yourself standing under up to 215 square feet of shade, which produces 270° of coverage at the rear and 180° of coverage at the front.

All poles on the PCOR Awning are integrated and held in place by powerful magnets on pack up. The poles themselves have an adjustable, swiveling, peggable foot. This makes awning adjustments incredibly easy, as you don’t need to repeg your awning to adapt its structure for weather or personal preference.

Guy ropes are also integrated into the awning, with conveniently located, sewn-in pockets storing the ropes when you don’t need them.

The PCOR Awning also features an integrated dimmable, yellow light that beams soft rays to create a truly relaxing campsite ambiance. All wiring for the lighting has been internalized, so no additional wiring or plugs are required for the light to function.

The X3 packs up small for easy towing and storage, but don’t be deceived by its small footprint. Once you get to camp, the X3 fully set up provides a whopping amount of living space, totaling up to 323 square feet of indoor and outdoor coverage.


Externally, there are many areas on the X3 to pack your tools, wet items and camping essentials. When you factor in the internal and external storage areas on the X3, you’ll get a whopping 528.34 gallons of storage.


  • A dual access rear drawer allows you to load your camper even when it’s completely packed away, creating an incredibly easy packing and unpacking experience. 
  • The rear, left hand side posits a large wet storage box, which gains capacity thanks to the unique shape of the X3.
  • A side storage box designed for floor mats and the full walls kit.
  • A Utility storage compartment, designed predominantly for tools.
  • A large storage space continues towards the front of the camper trailer, which can be fitted with an optional slide, and has been designed to fit popular portable toilet models.

Packing for camping trips can sometimes feel like a real life version of tetris; but in the X3 everything has its place.


This massive outdoor kitchen is now 27% larger than the X1, and has been engineered to mirror a kitchen you would use in your own home. The pantry space was designed meticulously to house common grocery items. …So you’ll find that loaves of bread, cartons of eggs, bottles and spices all have their own home within the pantry system. It’s unparalleled attention to detail that is inspired by years of real world testing and living out of the camper trailers during long touring trips.

The X3 now features the largest portable fridge freezer that we have ever offered in a camper trailer! Slide out the refrigerator slide to reveal the massive 75L dual zone fridge freezer that can be accessed both internally and externally, which offers 20% more fridge space than the X1.

Additional power-points in the kitchen area power small appliances including coffee machines and toasters, and a diesel hot water system pumps piping hot water straight to the kitchen sink, directly from twin water tanks totaling 34.34 gallons of water capacity.

Other features in the kitchen include a two burner stove and grill, quality bar mats, and LED lighting within the kitchen compartments and drawers, and the main pantry drawer has also been lifted to ensure that food preparation cannot be disturbed by the opening of drawers.


The front box or ‘man cave’ on the X3 is a Patriot staple, and is loved by those that already have it on our other models. Designed especially for bulky items like jerry cans and tools, the man cave is also home to the diesel heater and hot water system, which is a standard feature in every X3.

The diesel heating system enables you to heat the entire cabin or run hot water to your kitchen sink or shower. The kit contains a five meter long hose, so you can avoid water run off into your main campsite by utilizing a lightweight pop up shower tent available through Patriot Supply.

A BBQ Swing away platform and baby barbeque are also available in this area, and when the awning sails are attached, you’ll get full coverage from the sun here, too. The optional utility shelf in the front box is long and wide, which is ideal for storing tools or BBQ accessories on the move.

If you like to fire up the BBQ, or tinker with your off-road toys, we suspect you’ll be spending a lot of your time in your man cave.


One of the most important elements of any offroad camper trailer is the power that you can bring with you, so that you can sustain yourself off the grid, for days on end. Get connected with the X3’s Total Vehicle Management System delivering power to two 150 amp hour AGM Gel Batteries, with upgrades to lithium available as an option.

Power is delivered via a DC Charge from your vehicle whilst driving or through a solar input conveniently located in the front and rear of the camper trailer for mounted or portable solar panels.

A semi-integrated 80 watt solar panel can also be added to your setup and attached to the Exorack. Once at camp, you can remove the panel and lead it out of your shaded campsite, to enjoy full sun. The X3 also has the ability to connect to mains power or a generator if you want to save your battery life.

The 1500 watt inverter as standard provides ample power to run almost any common appliance. Simply plug in a coffee machine or toaster into the pop up power points located in the cabin or external kitchen. 12 Volt outlets are also conveniently located around the camper trailer.

The X3’s control system is very intuitive with all systems being operated at the control panel and a large display keeps you informed of your charge status and your twin water tank levels. A bluetooth app is also available to control all of the electrical features from your mobile phone, perfect for when you don’t want to get out of bed.


The more toys, the better the trip, and now you can load up and haul all of them with the EXORACK® system. Gone are the days of mounting your extra toys to your tow vehicle, or not bringing them at all! With the EXORACK®, you can have it all!

Mounted to the hard-top lid of the X3, the integrated EXORACK® System has been engineered to provide maximum compatibility with all types of outdoor adventure accessories.

This strong-yet-lightweight racking system provides tough tie down points for bike racks, canoe holders, kayaks, jerry cans and more, with adjustable cross bars that are compatible with a range of third party aftermarket accessories.


When the tracks get tough, the X3 eats up the toughest terrain. The foundation of the X3’s superior strength and durability starts with the chassis.

The X3 chassis is forged using the same techniques as the heavily tested X1. It uses quality materials that will last a lifetime, and the RIGILITE™ chassis is comprised of hot dipped galvanized steel and marine-grade aluminum.

To conquer harsh terrains around the globe, the X3 is incredibly strong, and we owe this strength to the laser cut, non-corrosive powder coated marine grade steel that makes up this unit.

Integrated for maximum strength through a monocoque construction, this UNSTOPPABLE material integrates structurally with the chassis. These high quality materials contribute significantly to the exceptional structural integrity of the X3, that has a track record of never failing.

Touring in any form will always provoke dust, but the X3 combats this through an air filtration system made up of pressurized air inlets, automotive rubber seals and a large dust filter. The X3 comes standard with a set of mud terrain tires on exclusive PCOR wheels for incredible off road traction, and a rubber coating on the front end acts to deflect stones and prevent chips.


Towing comfortably is an art form, and the X3 is a completely equipped artist thanks to a progressive airbag system that is tuned to our exclusive X-Cruise Suspension. The airbags assist the suspension arms while off-road, and also enable you to level your camper trailer with the touch of a button.

This impeccable suspension system has been designed and tuned exclusively for our X Range of camper trailers, and will prevent shock fade over long trips.

Connecting your X3 to your tow vehicle couldn’t be easier, with the DO35 coupling that offers a simple, drop-on attachment. This state of the art hitch coupling offers full 360 degree articulation – there is no better articulation when in rough, offroad conditions, and the full motion of the DO35 will prevent drawbar twisting.

A decent suspension system and the possibility of 360º articulation will keep your camper trailer steady and balanced, contributing to fuss-free and outstanding off-road trips into the future


The X3 is built to go where others can’t. Built tough with off-road components that will have you FLOATING over any obstacle in your path. For the gnarliest tracks, we’ve focussed heavily on a low center of gravity, which is key when traversing difficult terrain.

The heaviest components of the X3 are all housed in the center of the chassis; this includes two gel batteries and twin water tanks totaling 130 liters, ensuring the weight is shared evenly over the pivoting axis, resulting in smooth, uninterrupted towing.

The tare weight of the X3 is an incredibly light 2,469 lbs, with an aggregate trailer mass of 3527 lbs. The ground clearance was also a major consideration in the design stage of this camper trailer, and now the X3 delivers a class-leading 19.68" of clearance with 10 inch electric drum brakes. Stop shying away from the tracks when you’re hitched, and take the X3 with you on your entire journey.

The X Range of camper trailers are so compact and lightweight that storage isn’t a concern. When you factor in the X1’s rear tire swingaway, at 10.49', the X1 and X3 are exactly the same length, and both feature a 40 degree departure angle.