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Extreme Outback

Towing Kit - By Extreme Outback

$79.95 USD $99.95 USD

The Extreme Outback Towing Kit will allow you to tow a disabled vehicle long distances, even through difficult terrain without the fear of dragging or running of the tow strap. Strong bungee cords inside the protective sheath allow the tow strap to expand and contract as the tow vehicles move closer or farther apart. The sheath protects the tow strap from abrasions just in case the unit drags on the ground. With a capacity of 26000lbs, the Extreme Outback Towing Kit is an ideal item for recovery. Snatch straps should not be used as towing straps, as they lose their stretching capability after prolong towing. Chains are jerky and also get damaged quickly if dragged on the ground. With its built in bungee cords, the Extreme Outback Towing Kit also keeps the tow vehicle from running over the tow strap, hence avoiding dangerous situations where the tow strap may wrap around the brake lines. Contracted length is 12' and expanded length is 20'. Carrying bag is included.