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Recovery Kit PRO - By Extreme Outback

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The Extreme Outback Recovery Kit Pro puts everything you need in one package. The newest kit from Extreme Outback Products has been upgraded to include the following quality products. Our newest recovery straps are high visibility green and are manufactured, dyed and sewn in the USA to our specs. The 30 foot long recovery strap is made from nylon for a great stretch and the 10 foot long tree trunk protector is made from polyester to limit stretch when used in winching applications. With 10 feet of length, youufffdll have no problem getting around trees that the competitions tree trunk protectors will leave you short. Both straps included eye protection material sewn in as standard. The USA made grade 70 chain is 10 feet long and has both a slip hook and grab hook to facilitate a multitude of rigging options. Our pulley block is not only grease-able but uses a pull pin to allow dis-assembly for cleaning, etc with no tools. Most others use a brittle and breakage prone snap ring to hold everything togetherufffd..which means you need a snap ring plier to take theirs apart. The gloves are fully insulated and have reflective markings for easy hand signal vision even in low light conditions. Our folding shovel is like no other design. It can be used as a pick, shovel, hoe, etc and is built to our heavy duty standards. It will move large quantities of loose material yet can dig into the toughest clay and rocky terrain with no problem. Our shovel is NOT made in China and you will astound you with the quality and useful design. The LED headlamp allows you to see what youufffdre doing hands freeufffd.very important when trying to hook up recovery straps, chains, etc under the vehicle or in the dark. The mini machete allows you to clear thickets, branches or chop material very easily. The Storm Whistle is a perfect complement for audio signals when winching with a spotter in low visibility or in noisy environments. With two 4.7 ton Working Load Limit (over 50,000 lbs breaking strength) shackles, youufffdll have no problem connecting rigging or recovery gear for a safe extraction. Our 16 foot long ratchet strap tie down is perfect for reseating the bead on a tire and of course can be used as a tie down to hold gear in place. The key to the success of all this quality gear is our recovery bag. Entirely made and sewn in the USA, our bag only uses metal buckles and never plastic units that often break or are susceptible to UV damage. Multiple compartments keep everything in its own place so you donufffdt end up with tangled straps, chains, etc. Velcroufffdd enclosure flaps keep contents secure even if the bag is thrown around. Additional bag strength comes from 1.5ufffd wide webbing sewn throughout for the ultimate support. A big red reflective safety triangle on the outside of the bag comes standard for added safety when displayed on the side of the road.