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Extreme Outback

High Output 12 Volt Air Compressor - By ExtremeAire

$429.95 USD $479.95 USD

The ExtremeAire severe duty compressor is setting standards for high output compressors. By utilizing a 3/4 horsepower fan cooled motor, overheating is a thing of the past. Designed to fill the largest 4wd tires or the highest-pressure RV tires, this unit can fill tires continuously with no fear of motor burnout.


 With a 150 psi working pressure, users can run air tools with ease! For clean air in the dirtiest environments, the ExtremeAire uses an oversize Uni-Filter that is crush-proof, washable and re-usable. All major motorcycle race teams use Uni-Filters for Baja & Motocross racing! In addition, the fan shaft has a sweeper filter to keep dirt and debris out of the motor and brushes, at the same time allowing moisture and condensation to escape. The ExtremeAire is permanently lubed with sealed bearings so it can be mounted in any position making installation much easier. Every ExtremeAire compressor utilizes stainless steel fasteners loctited for a long and trouble free life in the highest vibration applications.

Uses for the ExtremeAire compressor include 4WD, RV, Agricultural, Construction, Motorsports, etc. No other 12 Volt compressor has the speed, continuous duty cycle, output, pressure rating, and reliability that the ExtremeAire can deliver.

- Continuous Duty Cycle -
- 3/4 Horsepower Motor -
- 30-Amp Draw @ 35 PSI -
- 40-Amp Draw @ 150 PSI -
- 4 CFM Free Flow Rate -
- 150 PSI Max Working Pressure -
- Can be mounted upside down -
- 14" Long, 6" Wide, 9" Tall -