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Extreme Outback

Jr. 12 Volt Air Compressor - By ExtremeAire

$234.95 USD $299.95 USD

Great for smaller tires and applications where the ExtremeAire is just too big. The ExtremeAire Jr uses the same great Uni Filter system for complete dirt protection as the ExtremeAire. The smaller case makes it much easier to mount and the unit can be mounted in any direction or angle. We recommend the ExtremeAire Jr for tires 31" and smaller and it is a great compressor for running your ARB's.


22 amp motor

1.5 cfm free flow rate

50% duty cycle

150 psi max pressure

Fills a 30 x 9.5 x 15 tire from 10 psi to 25 psi in 2 minutes

Length: 10.5"

Heigth: 6.5"

Width: 4"

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