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Extreme Outback

Magnum 12 Volt Compressor - By ExtremeAire

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Imagine an ExtremeAire compressor with TWICE the power and speed, all in a package only 2" longer than the original! Now you can have a continuous 12 volt compressor that will put out 6 CFM free flow! Nothing in its size, class or price range even comes close! The ExtremeAire Magnum utilizes a 1.5HP fan-cooled motor and longer piston stroke to make the impossible possible. The Magnum has all of the key features of the original ExtremeAire such as superior filtering, stainless steel hardware, heat dissipation cylinder coating and powder coated filter housing and fan shroud. Plus it can be mounted in any angle or position, even upside down! Sealed bearings mean no servicing or lubrication is necessary! Uses include filling tires, running air tools, air bags, lockers, train horns, etc. It is the perfect unit for jobsite chores or ranch duties. Since this unit is totally sealed from the elements, you can mount it under your truck on the frame rail so valuable storage space is preserved!


- 1.5 Horsepower Motor -
- 95 Amp Draw @ 12.5 Volts DC -
- Continuous Duty Cycle @ 150 PSI -
- 6 CFM @ 0 PSI -
- 2.6 CFM @ 100 PSI -
- Weight: 20 LBS -
- Dimensions: 16" Long X 6" Wide X 9.5" Tall -