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Extreme Outback

Beadbuster - By Extreme Outback

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Can a bead breaker that fits in the palm of your hand work on your stubborn truck and equipment tires? It can and it does if you use Extreme Outback Products new Beadbuster. Designed to fit any Hi Lift style jack, the Beadbuster uses the vehicles weight to make easy work of breaking beads on 15", 16" and 17" diameter wheels. The unit comes with stainless steel bolts that quickly attach the Beadbuster to the bottom of your jacks base plate. Lay the tire and wheel under your bumper, position your Beadbuster on your wheels outer edge and use the jacks power and vehicles weight to get the job done. The Beadbuster can also be used as a stabilizer foot to keep your jack in place in tricky terrain conditions.

Each Beadbuster is powder coated for protection and comes with a lifetime warranty.