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Add-On HD Switch Panel For 8 Circuit SE System - By SPOD

$350.00 USD $410.00 USD
8-800-HD ADD

Add-On HD Switch Panel For 8 Circuit SEor Bantam Systems.
What's Included?

  • 10 Foot Ethernet control cable

  • HD Switch Panel w/ mounting bracket (see picture) and necessary hardware (other universal mounting options are available)

  • Legends (sheet of 72 standard switch reusable labels)

  • Installation Instructions

HD Switch Panel Features:

  • Encased in an aluminum billet machined housing, powdercoated black, utilizing tactile switches encapsulated in silicone.

  • Silicone Buttons with positive touch feedback.

  • Bluetooth LE

  • Panel is designed to withstand the harshest environments with all weather conditions taken into account.

  • Compact in size: 2-7/8W x 4-7/8L x 1/2 Thick (smaller than an iPhone).

  • Universal back with two pressed-in 1/4-20 studs x 5/8 inches long for flat mounting.

  • Standard universal articulating mount for a multitude of mounting options.

  • One standard RJ45 jack on back for communication cable between HD panel and the Source.

  • HD can be located up tou00a025 feet from the Source using standard CAT-6 Ethernet cable.

  • Built in Bluetooth LE allows you to program and control our system with iPhones, iPad, iPad Mini, sPOD HD app. (free download)

  • Each switch programmable for dimming, flash, momentary, strobe, and switch linking (program any switch to be a master to control other switches).

  • All 8 switches are backlit.

  • Adjustable timer to turn backlight off and a simple touch on any switch to reactivate.

  • Quickly turn backlight off by holding 2 designated buttons.

  • Backlight color and intensity can be changed to any color to match vehicle interior dash lighting.

  • Legends can be applied (comes standard with one sheet of 72 legends).

  • Each switch has 3 status lights: Red (left) = On, White (center) = Flash/Strobe active, Blue (right) = Active visual feedback when button is pushed.

  • Status lights can be dimmed.

  • Additional HD smart controller can be added for different locations.

  • One HD smart controller can be programmed to control up to 32 circuits

  • HD can run in conjunction with our SE Touchscreen, Bluetooth and SE 8 Switch panel.

Bluetooth Requiments:

    • Download sPOD Bantam app from iTunes or Google Play Store

    • Bluetooth 4.0 compatible

    • Compatible with Android devices

    • iPhone 4s or newer, iPad 2 or newer, iPad mini iOS 7 or newer

    • Existingu00a0sPOD system

    • Access to iTunes App Store or Google Play Store