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Drawer Drain Plug Set - By DECKED

$20.00 USD $29.99 USD

DECKED Drawer Drain Plug, black, set of two with gasket and installation screws. Fits short DECKED systems only.

To see if our drain plugs are compatible with your DECKED system, read below or check out our FAQ.

Are Drain Plugs Compatible With My DECKED System?

DECKED drain plugs are only compatible with SHORT (64.5" in length) systems. They are NOT compatible with Standard (75.25" in length) systems. Because drain plugs are meant to be placed in the cabside/driver end of DECKED drawers the length of Standard DECKED Drawers makes the end nearly impossible to reach. Placing the drain plug in the tailgate end of the drawer will cause it to drag on your tailgate when the drawer is loaded. Therefore we DO NOT recommend this accessory for Standard length systems.

To see if the DECKED system for your van or truck takes a short DECKED system or standard DECKED system, please check the 'overview' section in the product page or call us directly at 208.806.0251.

We include a gasket to provide a watertight seal.

Note: Pickup truck beds naturally drain toward the cab, not the tailgate. That is why our drain plugs are cabside. However, if you prefer, you can drill a small hole in the tailgate end of the drawers (there is a dimple to get your hole started) to create a simpler solution (but that will also create an opportunity for water intrusion).