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Batwing Awning Front Edge Zippered Insert - By Rhino Rack

$97.20 USD $108.00 USD

For those customers who are after a little more shade provided by the Batwing/Foxwing on their vehicle or camper trailer, this product is for you. The Front Edge Zippered Insert neatly squares off the front edge of the Batwing/Foxwing so you have the straight out coverage of a conventional awning along with the 270 degree wrap around coverage you all love!

This product also features our new improved pole with the unique twin peg base and hook top pin. This keeps the pole solid to the ground and the awning on place on the pole.

  • Easy zipper attachment to your Batwing/Foxwing Awning

  • Compact and simple to carry and store

  • Comes with a telescopic pole, metal peg, guy rope and bag

Product Compatibility

33100 - Batwing Awning (Left/Driver)