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Chevy Colorado ('15+) Exhaust Crossover Skid Plate - By AEV

$99.00 USD $129.00 USD

Exhaust Crossover Skid Plate


AEV’s Exhaust Crossover Skid Plate is standard equipment on the ZR2 Bison (3.6L V6 only) to protect the vulnerable exhaust crossover pipe when navigating technical terrain. This skid plate can be added to any 2015+ Colorado/ZR2 with the 3.6L V6 engine (2019+ models are no drill).

During ZR2 Bison vehicle development, we found that the Colorado’s exhaust crossover pipe was susceptible to trail damage, potentially leading to a costly repair or complete replacement of the catalytic converter assembly. 

Features an OEM two-stage, corrosion resistant coating and is proudly made in the USA.


  • 2015+ Colorado/ZR2 ( no drill on 2019+ trucks)
  • Standard content on the ZR2 Bison (gas trucks only)
  • Designed to protect exhaust crossover pipe
  • OEM two-stage, corrosion resistant coating
  • Uniquely shape to prevent debris from getting trapped around the exhaust