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Front Runner

Easy-Out Awning Mosquito Net Kits - By Front Runner

$144.00 USD $173.00 USD
Awning Size

Create au00a0mosquito free environment under your Front Runner Easy-Out Awning by attaching these netted skirts to the rafter poles.

  • Complete assembly simply hangs from the awning rafter poles and secures to the awning upright poles, then pegs to the ground.
  • Very quick and easy to set up and disassemble.
  • Includes 4 walls and a ceiling to completely enclose the awning.
  • A zipper onu00a0eachu00a0wallu00a0not facing the vehicle,u00a0allows entry / exit.
  • Another full height zipper on theu00a0wallu00a0facing the vehicle,u00a0allows access to the vehicle.
  • Base of walls simply pegu00a0into the ground.