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Front Runner

Amp Meter Gauge - By Front Runner

$6.95 USD $24.00 USD

Monitor your amp usage with this discrete panel insert. Installs in the faceplates of Front Runner Drawer Kits and the Power Box Battery Holder-by Front Runner, as well as other flat surfaces. 

  • Customize front faceplates on Front Runner Drawer Kits or your Power Box Battery Holder with needed sockets and meters. 
  • Easy to read LED segmented display. 
  • Connects to your 12V/24V system
  • Features on overheat/ short circuit protection system.
  • Range 0A-10A DC
  • Wires to a 12V/24V DC power source

NOTE: Some Front Runner Drawer Kit Faceplates have knock outs while others may require drilling for installation. 

Consists of:

1 x Amp meter

Installation Nut

Materials used:


Product Dimensions:

49mm (1.9") L x 0 35mm (1.4")


20g (0.7oz)


0A-10A DC