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Front Runner Interior Storage Rack - 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler

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If you own a 4 door Jeep JK and curse the awkward arrangement of storage space in rear cargo area... you are not alone. The Front Runner JK SLII Interior Rack is the most versatile storage solution because it adds more usable space AND make it easier to organize, secure and access your gear.
Front Runner has taken the best features of the Slimline II Roof Rack and created a completely flat tray designed specifically for inside the Jeep Wrangler JK - 4 dr. 
Greatly expand your rear cargo storage space.
•Should be used with either the hard top, soft top, or no top at all!
•The easy, no drill installation utilizes the existing hard top mounting points.
•Built for off-road use with on-road sophistication.
•Includes all the features that make the Slimline II one of the most versatile and durable racks available.
•Secure cargo rattle free to the top or bottom of the rack with the bolt on t-slots and outer rail. 
•Includes Front Runner’s rubber t-slot beading for silent and slide free cargo carrying.
•SECURE AND SAFE STORAGE. Whether you roll with a soft top, or no top at all, you can bolt your accessories to the rack and store your gear safely in the cargo area beneath rack.
•This is the only interior jeep storage rack available that is designed to fit a standard sized vehicle refrigerator underneath. (For easy fridge access, see our Front Runner Fridge Slides, or our brand new Front Runner JK Cargo Slide.)
•Use along with the Front Runner JK Extreme Roof Rack for massive storage options.
•Use in conjunction with the Front Runner JK Extreme Roof Rack AND the all new Front Runner Jeep JK Cargo Slide and you can offer your Jeep as a location for the next season of “Storage Wars.”
•Use the Front Runner Eyenuts and Stratchits (or other cargo straps or bunjee cords) for a quick, versatile way to secure cargo.
•For extreme off-road use you might want to consider using the new Front Runner Book End Mounts along with the Front Runner Stratchits for securing heavier items like water tanks, cargo boxes, jerry cans, stoves, chairs, etc.
No drilling or permanent modification to your vehicle required. The custom mounting brackets take advantage of the mounting points used to fasten the hard top to the body of the vehicle.
54.25 pounds.
Manufactured entirely of powder coated aluminum and stainless steel.