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Tembo Tusk

GSI Glacier Camp Stove W/ Adapter - By Tembo Tusk

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GSI Outdoor Glacier Camp Stove & Adapter

With the use of the TemboTusk SuperFly/Glacier Stoves Adapter, the GSI Glacier Camp  10,000 BTU stove can be used with the Adventure Skottle Grill.   The Glacier is a Isobutane/propane fuel canister stove.   

The high-output, Glacier Camp Stove is the epitome of rugged power. Designed for fast, reliable cooking, the sturdy pot supports hold larger cookware while the large diameter burner head spreads heat evenly across the bases of pots and pans. The Glacier Camp Stove is the burner to carry when hunger calls and nature beckons, because time stands still for no one.


Powerful, 11,000 BTU/h (CSA) / 12,970 BTU/h (CE) burner designed to rapidly and evenly heat larger pots and pans.

Canister mount, micro control valve provides precise tunability and output.

Serrated 125 mm/5"" diameter pot support arms provide a stable, secure cooking platform

Sturdy, reliable design

Includes stove bag