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IGNITE Flush Mount LED Light - Diffused Pattern - By Rigid Industries

$73.99 USD $84.99 USD

The all-newu00a0Rigidu00a0Igniteu2122u00a0is the smallest, most versatile light in RIGIDu2019 product line! Measuring approximately 1.4u201d x 1.4u201d x 2u201d, this flexible light packs 1000 raw lumens using Spot, Flood or Diffused beam patterns perfect for applications where short range light output is required. Designed with a Go-PROu00aeu00a0style mounting bracket which mates with an array of off the shelf Go-PRO mounts the Ignite provides you with limitless mounting options. The compact housing makes theu00a0Rigidu00a0Ignite a great choice for auxiliary lighting on cars and trucks, motorcycles, UTVs, and even marine applications.u00a0Low currentu00a0draw makes this light adaptable tou00a0almostu00a0any action sport and is the ultimate lighting solution.

IGNITE Series LED Lights are soldu00a0separately unless otherwise noted.