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IGNITE LED Flood Backup Light Kit - Flush Mount - By Rigid Industries

$136.99 USD $159.99 USD

Most vehicles have very inadequate backup lighting, which can be a major safety problem. Rigid makes it easy to add compact and powerful backup lighting to any vehicle with the Rigid Igniteu2122 Backup Kit. The Ignite Series Accessory Lights are small but pack a lot of power with 1000 raw lumens in a light that measures justu00a01.4u201d x 1.4u201d x 2u201d. The Backup Light Kits are available with a pair of either flush mount or surface mount Ignite lights along with mounting brackets and related hardware. The powerful LEDs in each light consume less than one amp each, so powering them is often as easy as tapping into the vehicleu2019s existing backup lighting circuit.