M.O.R.E. Universal Bushing Assembly - 2" x .120" (3" Long)

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Tubing Size: 2" x .120" 
Length: 3"
Bolt Size: 9/16" x 4.5" Long
Includes Polyurethane Bushings
All universal bushing assemblies come complete with two polyurethane bushing halves, outer steel tubing, inner sleeve, mounting bolt and locking nut. Available only in black polyurethane!

These universal bushing assemblies are handy for the home fabricator. For varied applications such as custom motor mounts (same as used in our "Bomb Proof" Motor Mounts), roll cage to frame mounting points, spare tire carriers, "killer" exhaust hangers, Rubicon racks, link bars, radius arms or where ever you need a component to be held tight, rattle free but yet removable.