MAXTRAX Rear Wheel Harness

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Description: The MAXTRAX Rear Wheel Harness lets you safely and securely carry your MAXTRAX on your vehicle's rear-mounted spare tyre. Quick and simple to install, the harness makes it easy to quickly grab your MAXTRAX when you need them in a hurry and means you can carry dirty ones without dropping sand, mud or snow in or on your vehicle. The harness will carry up to 5 MAXTRAX (or 4 really dirty ones that won't stack together neatly) and includes a pouch to hold your fixing pegs and linking straps. MAXTRAX NOT INCLUDED
Product Code: MTXRWH
Designed for MAXTRAX MKII only

Size: Nylon webbing is 1" wide; stainless steel hanging bracket is 3/8" diameter; pouch is 12.6 x 11"; ratchets are rated at 880lbs.

Color: Black and silver

Warranty: We back our confidence in this quality Australian Made product with a 24 month warranty against faulty materials and workmanship.