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Goose Gear

Ram Truck Plate System - by Goose Gear

$700.00 USD $750.00 USD

The Goose Gear Ram Plate System for Full Size pickups with a 6'-4" bed. This plate is intended for 4th Gen Ram Trucks 2009 - 2018 Model years


The Ram Plate System for Full Size pickups with a 6'-4" bed. There are two options for this plate system.

The first is designed to accommodate various camper modules for use in camper systems like the Habitat, Drifter, GFC, etc.

The second is designed as a flat plate without anchor points for modules, this design is perfect for those seeking to create a non ribbed floor in the truck and or for those wanting to secure their own items to the floor of the truck without drilling additional holes in the truck bed for each item.

System with anchor points is part number PDR25-4-01
System without anchor points is part number PDR25-4-02



Plate comes with required hardware to secure it to the bed of the vehicle. It does require drilling into the floor of the pickup truck. We strongly recommend inspecting the areas to be drilled under the vehicle for any potential conflicts such as added items, factory options and/or aftermarket changes to the vehicle below the bed.


Plate is shipped in two pieces due to its size, it is split down the middle East to West.