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Pioneer Platform Hi-Lift Jack Mounting Bracket - By Rhino Rack

$86.40 USD $96.00 USD

Attaching a High Lift Jack Directly to your Rhino Rack Pioneer Tray, Pioneer Tradie, or Pioneer Platform has been made simple with the Pioneer High Lift Jack Holder Bracket. Securely attach and lock your High Lifting Jack in place with our strong, durable, and corrosion resistant powder coated steel bracket. The Pioneer High Lift Jack Holder Bracket will fit a Pioneer roof system of all different sizes which is another reason Rhino-Rack creates the most useful roof rack system in the world. 

  • Brackets will fit the Rhino Rack Pioneer Tray, Tradie, and Platform of all different sizes.
  • Mount your High Lift Jack to your Pioneer Platform, Tradie, or Tray
  • Made from strong, non-corrosive powder coated steel 
  • Simple installation
  • Two brackets are included to secure one Hight Lift Jack

Product Weight: 4.4 lb

Warranty: 3 Years