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RADIANCE Series LED Light - Multi-Trigger Wiring Harness - By Rigid Industries

$62.99 USD $79.99 USD

The Rigid Industriesu2019 Radianceu2122 Multi-Trigger Harness was designed specifically for the Rigid Industriesu2019 Radiance Pod Set. Equipped with two independent circuits for an easy install, circuit one is designed for the primary LEDu2019s on the Radiance Pod while circuit two is designed for the backlighting circuit on the Radiance Pod. The Radiance Multi-Trigger Harness also comes standard with two separate backlit LED rocker switches (red and blue), so each circuit can be used independently. The Radiance Multi-Trigger Harness makes installation of your Rigid Industriesu2019 Radiance Pod Set as simple and clean as possible.