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Rhino Rack

Road Warrior Roof Rack Bike Carrier - By Rhino Rack

$161.10 USD $179.00 USD

Easily to use, sleek and designed specifically to fit C Channel crossbars. The Road Warrior Bike Carrier provides a fixed solution to safely secure the bike to your vehicle. 

Featuring easy installation, a screw- on fastener for bike forks and a quick release wheel strap-you will spend less time getting your bike on or off your roof and more time hitting the road. Multiple Road Warriors can be installed to your roof to carry additional bikes if needed. 


  • Pre-assembled
  • Suits most bars featuring C Channels 
  • Quick and easy installation / removal
  • Fits on either side of your vehicle roof 
  • Suitable for bikes up to 15kg/ 35 lbs
  • Suitable for bikes up to 15kg/ 35lb
  • Suits bikes with standard or disc brake systems
  • Rear wheel strap fits all wheel dimensions   
  • Adjustable locking skewer 
  • Lockable
  • Allen Key Included 
  • 114.3cm/ 45 inch double wall aluminum tray
  • MasterKey compatible      

Bikes Types: Disc Bikes, Kids Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Race Bike, Wide Tire

Color: Black

External Dimensions: Height 3 inch/ Length 55 inch/ Width 7 inch 

Maximum Load: 15kg/ 33lb

Mount Style: Front Wheel off

Product Weight: 4.4 lb

Warranty: 5 Years