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Front Runner

4 Cub Pack Drawer & Fridge Slide Combo - By Front Runner

$1,667.00 USD $1,818.00 USD

The Front Runner 4 Cub Pack & Fridge Slide Combo Drawer System provides a comprehensive and practical storage solution. Easily transport stored items between a vehicle and the campsite, garage etc. Includes easy access to coolers, fridges, gear boxes and more!u00a0

Product dimensions: 37.2" L X 36.8" W X 24.3" Hu00a0

  • This 4 Cub Pack & Fridge Drawer kit includes 2 drawer slides with 1 small storage tray, 1 fridge slide tray, rotating latch mechanism and detailed fitment instructions.

  • The Cub Pack Storage Box is the heart of this modular system, and are perfect for storage of kitchen & dry goods, tools, camera gear, toiletries, clothes, etc.

  • Fridge slide extends at the lower level to accomodate various sized fridges from 40-80L.

  • The small storage tray in the bottom left hand drawer allows you to store additional items!u00a0

  • 250 LB per drawer load carrying capacity

  • Top flat deck allows an additional 331 LB of gear to be stacked/secured.

  • Customize your storage configurations! Stack & secure luggage, Front Runner Wolf Pack or Cub Pack boxes and other gear to the top using Stratchit or Stratchit Shorty Straps in conjunction with the Front Runner 1150MM Cargo Rail & Tie Down Rings!