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Rhino Rack

Sunseeker Awning Side Wall - By Rhino Rack

$153.00 USD $170.00 USD

Provide extra cover to your Sunseeker Awning with the Sunseeker Awning Side Wall. Add an extra 2m x 2m of coverage and enjoy the extra shade and privacy the next time you are outdoors with your friends and family. Simply fit in place and secure to the ground at an angle. 

Made from the same material as the Sunseeker Awning, the Side Wall is UV protected, waterproof , and mold resistant. 

The Sunseeker Awning Side Wall is packaged with telescopic poles, ropes, pegs, and a convenient travel bag for storage. 


  • Provides an additional 2m x 2m of additional coverage
  • Fits both the Sunseeker and the Sunseeker II
  • Can be pitched at an angle, straight to the ground or with the use of included poles, can be opened out to form additional shade
  • UV Protected 
  • Waterproof (rating:1500mm)
  • Mold Shield

Dimensions: Length 79 inch/ Width 79 inch

Fits Awning Type: Sunseeker 2.0m (32132), Sunseeker 2.5m (32133) 

Product Weight: 6.2 lbs

Warranty: 1 Year