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American Expedition Vehicles (AEV)

Sy-Klone Pre-Filter Assembly

$243.00 USD

Air filter life is directly related to the amount of debris ingested through an engine’s air intake. Installing a Sy‑Klone Series 9000® Pre-Filter Assembly as the first stage of your air intake system prevents the majority of heavier-than-air particles from entering the system. This results in longer air filter life, more efficient engine performance and decreased maintenance expenses. Used in heavy duty military and commercial vehicles worldwide, this rugged Pre-Filter is self-cleaning and will last for the life of the snorkel

Please Note: The Sy-Klone Pre-Filter Assembly will only fit the AEV’s second generation JK Snorkel Kit with a 4″ intake tube.



Fitment: Vehicle Type: JK Wrangler, JL Wrangler, Colorado, Ram 1500, Ram HD


Difficulty: Easy