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Trasharoo Spare Tire Utility Bag

$49.99 USD $59.95 USD
Awesome Product With Tons Of Uses!
Uses for the Trasharoo Utility Bag are only limited by your imagination! These bags can be used to haul your trash off the trail, or to haul wet, muddy, nasty gear back from a good weekend of wheelin' or camping. Trasharoo bags have also become popular with side-by-side riders, boaters, and even horse packers due to their diverse uses and high quality construction!
* 50 Pound Capacity *
* Constructed from high-quality, 900 Denier Canvas *
* Water-resistant interior coating *
* All buckles and straps double-stitched *
* Built in front zipper flap for extra storage *
* X-Strap design keeps bags secure *
* Drainage holes at bottom of bag *
* Slide-Over nylon covers to protect buckles *
* Mesh elastic pockets and MOLLE compatible straps for added storage *
* Fits a standard 30 gallon trash bag *
* Drawstring to keep trash secured *
* Fits up to 40" Tire *
Available in Black, Tan or OD Green Colors!