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Warn ATV/UTV Winch - Electrical Components

$35.99 USD

Power leads with Quick Connect plugs provide a safe and simple power source for portable winches. Plugs allow convenient connection and disconnection to the battery power source. Power connections can be added to the front, rear or both ends of the ATV.
50 Amp for use with Vantage 2000/3000; ProVantage 2500/3500; RT/XT 15,17,25,30 winches, including portable:
PN 70939 - (20" winch lead)
PN 70927 - (120" battery lead)
PN 22681 - (Quick Connect plugs only)
175 Amp for use with Vantage 4000; Provantage 4500; RT40 winches:
PN 70926 - (48" battery lead)
PN 70717 - (120" battery lead)
Dust Caps for Quick Connect Plugs:
PN 60917 - (Dust cap for 50 amp plug)
PN 69847 - (Dust cap for 175 amp plug)
Wiring Kit for Vantage 2000/3000; ProVantage 2500/3500; RT/XT 25/30 Multi-Mount:
PN 64874 - Designed for the Multi-Mount owner who wants to wire a second bike. Kit includes front and rear power leads with 50 amp Quick Connet plugs, remote control plug with wiring harness, electrical contactor and Express Install installation wires.

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